Meet the Band

Chris (aka "Pipes", "Bro Jovi")

Singing has been a passion for Chris as long as he can remember. Performing for over fifteen years, he enjoys bringing the party, regardless if the crowd size is one or several thousand. He gives his all, and his cowboy hat is always nearby.

You may have seen Chris offering his diverse talents with The Agenda, Gutterfly, or Sonic Playground.

He has an R&B soul, a rocker mentality, a pop personality, and a country boy heart. You will see and hear all of it at each Flash Mob show!

Rick (aka "Slick Rick")

Rick started his musical journey in high school jazz band as a pianist, found out you could do some cool stuff with the bass, and switched. He picks, pops, slaps, sings, and raps his way through every Flash Mob show!

Rick has been seen with the bands Drunk Betty, Velvet Shake, and the Jimmy Jack band. His energy is infectious! He has played many bars in Greater Cleveland, and is also comfortable on the big stages (Napoleon Summer Fest, Sandusky Walleye Fest, Rocking on the River - Cuyahoga Falls and Lorain).

Say "hey" to the guy who keeps the low-end thumping!


Born in the heart of the Motor City, HAhN SOLO has the spirit of Motown in his veins, however while skipping school one day to listen to his father's vinyl collection, he stumbled upon a little known band called "Black Sabbath", and his transformation had begun. Influenced by the late Randy Rhoads, Billy Gibbons, and David Gilmour, HAhN SOLO brings a variety of influences and styles together on stage each and every show. A showman until the end, constantly battling his mortal enemy...gravity. Like a Pied Piper, he'll drag you to the floor to groove the night away!

On his nights off from being "flashy", you can find him shredding on stage in his other band Speed Rail, or wooing the ladies with BreakouT: The Bon Jovi Experience.

Bailee (aka "B-Rex")

Bailee brings the dynamite to Flash Mob! She has been playing drums for fifteen years, and performing live for over five years. She loves to see a packed dance floor and will play anything to keep the crowd moving. She may surprise you with some hard rock action every once in a while, so pay attention!

Previously, you may have seen Bailee with The Pop Rockets, out of Erie, PA, or currently with the band Speed Rail.

You'll love Bailee's no holds barred style!


Say hello to the band mascot, Flash! On occasion, you may hear a bandmate give a velociraptor screech, or talk about T-Rex arms. Flash heard about it, and offered to be our mascot.